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  • Electronic circuit design.
  • Software development.
  • Physics-based solutions.
  • Finite element modelling.
  • Technical review.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Patent review.
  • Prototype development.
  • Ultrasonic system design.

Fast Track method

The Fast Track method is a service mainly targetting small start-up businesses. Businesses who want to get R&D done quickly with minimum red-tape.

From experience of many projects, we have constructed our Fast Track approach to no-fuss contract negotiation. Our various contracts are based upon industry standard documents that are adjusted to suit small businesses.

  1. Use Cambridgeen standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to cover confidential pre-project negotiations.
  2. Use Cambridgeen standard terms and conditions for the contract governing any service.
  3. Cambridgeen discusses with the client its technical aims and objectives and how we propose to satisfy them. We prepare a costed proposal for the client's consideration.
  4. The project is managed with milestones so that the client can follow progress. Each Milestone is prepaid. The client can stop the project at the end of any Milestone.
  5. At the conclusion of the project the client is given deliverable items for example: technical report, circuit diagrams, prototypes and videos of the prototype undergoing testing. The client is welcome to visit to assess progress personally.

Intellectual Property

  1. The client has the sole right to patent or exploit the IP generated in the project for the duration of the project and for a fixed period of time after completion at its sole discretion. The fixed period is typically one year.
  2. After the fixed period has expired, Cambridgeen has the right to use the IP. The client is still free to use the IP and, of course, may have already patented it.

To clarify the last point, Cambridgeen is a consultancy business. Our clients come to us because of our wide experience gained from many projects over many years. Our clients want us to help them as much as we can without restriction. Our business model requires us to be as unrestricted as possible. Our conditions on Intellectual Property allow us to help our clients. Our general principle is not to mention the names of previous clients unless they have given permission or if a few other conditions have been met so that their commercial position of confidentiality is maintained.

The photograph shows a circuit board developed by us for a start-up client in the USA. It has 10 specialized processors running in parallel as well as a general purpose microprocessor. The printed circuit board has 10 layers with impedance-controlled buried tracks for high speed communications with the 10 processors. This gives an indication of the kind of complex system we can design.